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In seconds, a room full of people can transform into a live chorus.

Your Music - Their Voices

Send your music, live.

Play a note on the on-screen keyboard, and watch as your music jumps out on everyone's screen.

Build, with layers.

Want to send more notes? How about a chord? ChoirCast lets you use up to 4 channels for you clients to join, so you can stack your group full with harmony.

Get Creative.

ChoirCast now includes a Record button, letting you string multiple notes together and send the whole riff to your clients. Combine that with 4 channels of freedom for maximum creative opportunity!


Active Pitch Detection


Get equipped.

So you've got your group together, now what? Once everyone has the app downloaded, equip every participant with a Throat-Microphone Headset to ensure each voice is heard.

Voice range, customized.

Once properly equipped, the app will walk each client through calibrating their voice. A simple vocal exercise will customize the entire app experience for their unique range.

But I can't sing...

With ChoirCast active pitch detection, you no longer have to rely on your ear to hit those notes. Not everyone has perfect pitch, so ChoirCast shows you where your voice is and where it should be, all in real-time!

Seamless Interface

No hassle.

There are no wires to connnect, no pages to hand out, and no baton necessary. ChoirCast is designed to work seemlessly and wirelessly over any shared WiFi connection.


As your music gets more sophisticated, timing becomes more important. Any delay due to the app's wireless nature is run through several algorithms to ensure your music is performed with timely precision.


Despite its powerful functionality, ChoirCast is simple to use and free to download, letting you skip the effort and get right to the music.


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